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The aim of the Opticianry Program, which opened its doors to the students for the first time in 2019-2020 Academic Year within the scope of Vocational School of Health Services of Yüksek İhtisas University, is to prepare the glasses to the patients who have been diagnosed by the ophthalmologist. The aim of the course is to educate qualified Opticians who are responsible for placing them in suitable frames and ensuring that the glass and frame conform to the eye and physiological characteristics. In the optician program of our university, in addition to the basic courses of opticianry that will provide our students with the professional knowledge and skills required by the age, departmental courses are also given to ensure that they are entrepreneurs and cultured individuals who are knowledgeable about the eye and human anatomy, have high foreign language skills, advanced communication skills, problem solving skills, are able to use optician package programs, carry out tema studies, are aware of the importance of occupational health and safety and give importance to ethical values.

Student admission to the college; TC. Olcme, Secme ve Yerlestirme Merkezi (OSYM) is carried out according to the results of the selection and placement exams held in that academic year and the procedures and principles determined by the Higher Education Council.

Students who successfully complete the Opticianry Program will be able to :

1. Have the necessary literature knowledge in the field of opticianry and have the ability to apply this knowledge.

2. Explain the terms related to the field of opticianry.

3. Carry out a given task independently by using the knowledge gained during his / her education.

4. Demonstrate the ability to work in harmony, effectively in teamwork and proposes solutions as a team member to the problems encountered.

5. Identify the problem and find solutions when an unexpected problem is encountered in the devices used.

6. Identify existing deficiencies in the field and develop innovative suggestions.

7. Identify basic security shortcomings and looks for ways to resolve the problem.

8. Question high-level knowledge with the awareness of lifelong learning and will have knowledge about changing health legislation and health law.

9. Search for a wider source of resources and follow the developments in the World with the help of a foreign language and improve himself / herself in eye diseases and treatment suggestions.

10.Use basic information and communication technologies effectively.

11. Have sufficient awareness about occupational health and safety in laboratory or other work areas.

12. Dominate the systems, basic structures and anatomy of the human body.

13. Understand the patient By discovering the important patterns of human behavior, communicate effectively and develop suggestions according to needs with their knowledge and skills.

14. Have basic knowledge in the fields of eye anatomy, eye physiology, eye diseases and visual health.

15. Provide selection, preparation and adaptation of the most suitable visual aids according to prescription to the desired dioptry, optical center, eyeglass raw material and the physical properties of the frame.

16. Collaborate with other health disciplines with which they interact.

17. Carrying out the duties and responsibilities by carrying the consciousness of applying the rules of professional ethics.

18. Use general knowledge of Geomeric Optics, Physics and Mathematics. 19 Enable personal development in social and cultural aspects.

Students who are eligible to enroll in the program are students who have completed their secondary education or have received an equivalent education abroad and have achieved the required score for this program in the national university exam or transferred from another higher education institution. Regarding the academic recognition of the past education of these students, Yüksek İhtisas University for Associate Degree and Undergraduate Education and Examinations and the Transfer Directive are taken as basis.

Our students who graduate from the Opticianry Program can take the DGS exam and transfer to the undergraduate programs of Optical and Acoustic Engineering, Physics Engineering and Physics.

In the program; Various assessment methods such as midterm exam, homework, practice, project, professional practice, summer internship and final exam are applied. Applications such as written exams, multiple-choice exams, oral exam homework, internship performances and lecture presentations can be made in the evaluations. To graduate from the program, the cumulative grade point average must be at least 2.00. The grade of a course is determined as a result of the evaluation of the above elements and given as a letter. The letter grades and the coefficient of each grade are given below.

Success Grade Coefficient
AA 4,00 Successful
BA 3,50 Successful
BB 3,00 Successful
CB 2,50 Passes
CC 2,00 Passes
DC 1,50 Conditional Pass
DD 1,00 Fails
FD 0,50 Fails
FF 0,00 Failed

A student who takes one of the (AA), (BA), (BB), (CB) and (CC) grades from a course is considered successful in that course. In addition, a student with a grade point average of at least 2.00 for a semester / year is deemed successful from the courses he / she took in that semester / year (DC) grade.

Head of the Program
Lecturer Sevcan Utaş Cobuloğlu

Contact : sevcanutas@yiu.edu.tr

Program Coordinators

Lecturer Sevcan Utaş Cobuloğlu
(Coordinator of 1st Classes) 
Contact: sevcanutas@yiu.edu.tr

Lecturer Özlem BARİN
(Coordinator of 2nd Classes)
Contact: ozlembarin@yiu.edu.tr

Assoc. Prof. Elif Hilal ŞEN
(Intership Coordinator)
Contact: elifhilalsen@yiu.edu.tr

The student must not have DD, FD or FF grades respectively from all courses in the program. A student who gets one of these grades has to repeat this course and be successful in this course. Students who have succeeded in all of the courses by following the education shown in the higher education plan and completed all the studies and 120 ECTS in the Education - Training and Examination Directive of the Yüksek İhtisas University Health Services Vocational School; He / she is deemed to have completed his / her education and is given an associate degree diploma and diploma supplement of the High School Program.

Students who complete two-year associate degree education receive the title of "Optician".

Optician, which is a profession that includes craftsmanship, is a profession that always develops and carries itself to the future with its developing technology and increasing product variety. Our students who graduated from the 2-year associate degree optician program can work as an optician and manager in factories where optical materials are produced or in related businesses, as well as opening their own optical stores if they want, selling prescription glasses and eyeglasses frames, assembling glasses and selling all kinds of prescription lenses. they become. In addition to optical opticians, the presence of a sunglasses market with almost equivalent volume expands the working areas of opticians.


Yaz Stajı yapacak bütün öğrencilerin,

1- Yaz Stajı yapmak istedikleri sağlık kurumlarını …/…/2019 tarihine kadar Staj Uygulama Koordinatörüne bildirmeleri,
2- Aşağıdaki formları bilgisayar ortamında 2’şer nüsha doldurmaları,


3- Yaz Stajı Formu'nu staj yapacakları kuruma mutlaka onaylatmaları,
4- Tüm öğrencilerin SGK'dan veya e-devlet şifresi ile (https://www.turkiye.gov.tr) adresinden Müstahaklık belgesi almaları gerekmektedir.

Stajını tamamlayan öğrenciler;

5- Staj süresince yapmış oldukları iş ve işlemleri kapsayan staj raporlarını, staj devam çizelgesini ve staj karnesini, 
staj eğiticisi-yürütücü tarafından doldurulduktan sonra, stajın bitiminden itibaren bir hafta içerisinde, Yüksekokul Müdürlüğüne, ağzı ilgili işyerine ait kaşe ve imzayı taşıyan kapalı zarfla imza karşılığı teslim ederler.


Yaz Stajı 20 (yirmi) iş günüdür. 
Yaz Stajı Başlama Tarihi: ...../...../2019
Yaz Stajı Bitiş Tarihi: ...../...../2019


- T.C. Kimlik Fotokopisi
- Müstahaklık Belgesi

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