Yüksek İhtisas Üniversitesi - Information Package of Medical Laboratory Techniques Program

The Medical Laboratory Techniques Program aims to train laboratory technicians who are familiar with basic laboratory techniques and who have a good command of modern techniques to work in the departments (i.e. biochemistry, hematology, microbiology, blood bank, endocrinology, parasitology) of many institutions containing medical laboratories. This program includes students taking theoretical knowledge and taking "Clinical Practice" courses in the laboratories of competent hospitals such as Medical Faculty Hospitals, State Hospitals, Private Hospitals through the lecturer. With the growing number of hospitals in recent years, our students will be able to meet the demand for qualified healthcare services and personnel. The Medical Laboratory Techniques Program, which began accepting students in the 2019-2020 academic year, has a two-year education period. First-year students, who take basic medical science courses alongside vocational courses, are required to complete a summer internship at the end of the year. In the second year, students will take professional practice courses at hospitals. Students are also prepared for life through elective courses in the social and cultural fields. Our goal is to train and employ health technicians who are fully equipped in their profession, have a positive attitude in their professional life, have strong communication skills, respect for ethical values, are prone to team work, can solve problems.

In order to study in an associate (2-year, short cycle) or undergraduate program (4-year, first cycle) in a higher education institution in Turkey, students have to take a university entrance exam administered by Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) and the students are placed by the same exam administering center (ÖSYM) to the universities according to the score they get from this examination. According to the Higher Education Law, for vocational high school graduates to apply for placement in two-year vocational college programs which are compatible with their high school majors, without an entrance examination.These students are placed centrally by ÖSYM according to the type of vocational high schools they graduated and their grade point averages (GPA).

Students who are eligible to enroll in the Medical Laboratory Techniques Program are those who have completed secondary education or have received an equivalent education abroad and have achieved the required score in the national university exam or who have transferred from another higher education institution. Regarding the academic recognition of the past education of these students, Yüksek İhtisas University for Associate Degree and Undergraduate Education and Examinations and the Transfer Directive are taken as basis.

After graduation from the Medical Laboratory Techniques Associate Degree Programs, as a result of Vertical Transfer Examination (DGS), it is possible to study in the programs of Biology, Bioengineering, Biotechnology, Biotechnology and Molecular Biology, Genetics and Bioengineering, Nursing, Nursing and Health Services, Molecular Biology and Genetics undergraduate programs.

In the program; Various assessment methods such as midterm exam, homework, practice, project, professional practice, summer internship and final exam are applied. Applications such as written exams, multiple-choice exams, oral exam homework, internship performances and lecture presentations can be made in the evaluations. To graduate from the program, the cumulative grade point average must be at least 2.00. The grade of a course is determined as a result of the evaluation of the above elements and given as a letter. The letter grades and the coefficient of each grade are given below.

Success Grade Coefficient

AA      4,00 Successful

BA      3,50 Successful

BB      3,00 Successful

CB      2,50 Passes

CC      2,00 Passes

DC      1,50 Conditional Pass

DD      1,00 Fails

FD       0,50 Fails

FF       0,00 Failed

A student who takes one of the (AA), (BA), (BB), (CB) and (CC) grades from a course is considered successful in that course. In addition, a student with a grade point average of at least 2.00 for a semester / year is deemed successful from the courses he / she took in that semester / year (DC) grade.

The student should not have DD, FD or FF grades from all courses in the program, respectively. Students who take one of these grades must take this course again and be successful in this course. Students who have succeeded in all of the courses by following the education shown in the school curriculum, have completed all the studies and at least 120 ECTS in the Higher Education Specialized Education Education and Examination Directive; He / she is deemed to have completed his / her education and is given an associate degree diploma and diploma supplement of the Medical Laboratory Techniques Associate Degree Programs.

The graduates who complete the two-year education receive the title of "Medical Laboratory Technician" with an associate degree.

Graduates of the Medical Laboratory Techniques Program can work in university and state hospitals, health centers, private clinics and analysis laboratories, research centers of other health institutions, public health institutes and food industry enterprises, institutions and organizations that conduct research and development studies in the field of medicine and research centers.

The student who successfully completes the Medical Laboratory Techniques Program;

P.Y.1. To have advanced theoretical and applied knowledge supported by textbooks, application tools and other resources containing up-to-date information in the field of Medical Laboratory Techniques.

P.Y.2. To have the knowledge of reaching, evaluating and applying basic scientific knowledge in the field of Medical Laboratory Techniques.

P.Y.3. Interprets and evaluates data by using the basic knowledge and skills acquired in the field, defines and analyzes problems and takes part in studies planned for solution.

P.Y.4. Uses fundamental computer programs and field-related technologies.

P.Y.5. Carries out a given task independently by using the basic knowledge he/she has in his/her field of Medical Laboratory Techniques.

P.Y.6. Has an understanding of the importance of lifelong learning.

P.Y.7. Follows the information in the field and communicates with colleagues by using a foreign language at a general level.

P.Y.8. Acts in accordance with the laws, regulations, regulations and professional ethics rules regarding his/her duties, rights and responsibilities as an individual.

P.Y.9. Has sufficient awareness of individual and public health, environmental protection and occupational safety.

P.Y.10. Has experience working with other health disciplines.

P.Y.11. Develops solution proposals by considering professional and ethical values.

To the attention of our students who will do internships in the summer term ! All students who will do summer internship,

1- Notifying the health institutions that they want to do Summer Internship to the Internship Application Coordinator in the relevant semester,

2- The following documents must be sent in duplicate to have them approved by the health institutions where they will do their internship and the school directorate,


3- The students who have enrolled in summer internship course must have the Summer Internship Form approved by the institution where they will do their internship,

4- All students are required to obtain a Certificate of Ownership from SGK or from the address (https://www.turkiye.gov.tr) with their e-government password.

Students who have completed their internship;

5- The internship reports covering the work and transactions they have done during the internship, the internship attendance schedule and the internship report card are submitted to the School Directorate within one week after the end of the internship, in a sealed envelope bearing the stamp and signature of the relevant workplace, in return for signature.

Summer Internship period is 20 (twenty) working days.


6. Required Documents for Summer Internship:

  • Photocopy of identify card
  • 'Provision' inquiry result document by entering the ID card number from sgk.gov.tr (Health Provision Activation System)

It is critical to announce that students who do not complete the procedures will be unable to participate in the Summer Internship.

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