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Admission Requirements for International Students


TRANSCRIPT : The official transcripts (with the certified translated copy of the Transcript to English or Turkish, if it is not available in these languages) of the applicants indicating the lessons and grades taken in the high school, certified by the High School Directorship, sworn translator and Notary must be submitted in a sealed envelope.
DIPLOMA : A copy of the Diploma, certified by the High School Directorship, sworn translator and Notary.
PASSPORT : A copy of the passport page indicating the identity information of the applicant, certified by the High School Directorship, sworn translator and Notary.
APPLICATION FORM : Application Form for Foreign Student Admission (APPENDIX-1) Pdf%20icon
EXAM RESULT : The original document certified by sworn translator and Notary.
BANK RECEIPT OF THE APPLICATION FEE : The bank receipt indicating the 100 USD application fee has been deposited to the declared bank account number.
PHOTOGRAPH : 2 portraits.


1. At least 50 points in YÖS (ForeignStudentExam),
2. At least 1000 points in from SAT1 (ScholasticAptitudeTest),
3. At least 21 points in ACT (AmericanCollegeTest)
4. At least A Level point from 3 different subjects, one of them being related to the applied department in GCE (GeneralCertificateExamination)
5. In the Tawjihi exams of Jordan and Palestine;
• At least 80 points in Scientific Stream for quantitative departments,
• At least 80 points in Industrial and/or Commercial Stream forequally-weighted departments,
• A tleast 75 points in Literary Stream for verbaland language departments
6. At least for points in ABITUR,
7. At least 24 points of (IB) International Baccalaureate diploma grade,
8. At least 13 points of diploma grade in Baccalaureate Exams(Baccalauréat Libanais) of Lebanon,
9. At least having a Pisdanesgahi (graduation grade) of 12 / 20 and high school diploma (Diplome Debirestan) for Iran.
You can visit our website for a more detailed list. Pdf%20icon
• Graduated applicants that do not have a documentindicating the diploma type graduation exam university entrance exam result can applywith a highschool or equivalent diploma indicating the graduation GPA.
• In the evaluation of the applications, the applicants that have the documents declared on our website areprioritized.
• The graduation average of the applicants applying with a high school or equivalent to high school diploma; must beat least 70 out of 100 for Faculty of Medicine and 60 out of 100 for other departments/programs.

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