Yüksek İhtisas Üniversitesi - Senate



Prof. Dr. Mustafa PAÇ(Rector)

Prof. Dr. Bengül DURMAZ(Vice Rector-Faculty of Sports Sciences Dean A.)

Prof. Dr. Zühal AKTUNA-(Vice Rector-Dean of Faculty of Medicine A.)

Prof. Dr. Ali Haydar ŞAHİNOĞLU(Vice Rector- Faculty of Medicine)

Prof. Dr. Emel KOPTAGEL(Dean of Faculty of Fealth Sciences)

Prof. Dr. Hale TUFAN(Director of Institute of Health Sciences)

Prof .Dr. Aydın NADİR(Faculty of Medicine, Senate Member)

Prof. Dr. S. Belgüzar KARA(Faculty of Health Sciences, Senate Member)

Asst. Prof. Hakkı YEŞİLYURT(College of Foreign Languages Director A.)

Assoc. Prof. Elif Hilal ŞEN(Director of Vocational School of Health Services- Director of Vocational School)

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