Yüksek İhtisas Üniversitesi - Mission & Vision


The vision of Yüksek İhtisas University,

Being a pioneer in health sciences, supporting research and development studies in order to become one of the leading research universities in the world with its expertise and creativity, aiming to integrate with the society with the education and training service it provides in this field, utilizing the knowledge and technology production for the benefit of the society, being a respected university as well as future-oriented university that educates students with a scientific perspective while remaining faithful to the values of the society to which they belong, who have qualified knowledge with international standards and gives direction to the future.

The mission of Yüksek İhtisas University,

Adopting Atatürk's Principles and Revolutions, being faithful the values of our Republic, transforming its knowledge into technology and innovation for directing the future, researching, questioning and producing with the tendency towards lifelong learning to develop their professional competencies, closely following the changes in science and technology through our highly qualified academic programs , open to changing and exploration, entrepreneurial, critical thinking; to train health professionals who fulfill their professional and social responsibilities successfully,c onsidering differences through its human-oriented approach with ethical values, respectful to human rights and aiming to contribute to social development and to provide knowledge sharing and creating social benefit by producing universal knowledge through our scientific researches in the field of health.

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